• Do not expose Topdealer to bright sun. The glass case will work like a green house and the consequent high temperatures may damage the machine.
  • Topdealer is about as delicate as a digital camera. It will not survive a downfall from a table.
  • If you want to carry your Topdealer while it's assembled use both hands to grab it at its right and left side. Do not grab it in the middle and lift it. It may disassemble itself.
  • Use Topdealer in standard room light only. Bright light may irritate the camera.
  • Use Topdealer on flat, hard surfaces. A tablecloth is not suitable.
  • Don't use detergents or fluids containing alcohol to clean Topdealer. It will eventually damage the acrylic parts.
  • Don't forget to switch the second guide lever backwards
  • Use lighter fuel to remove heavy stains. For normal cleaning use a microfibre cloth.
  • If you're using brand-new cards with coating for better sliding the coating will rub off on the starter roll.
  • It's easily cleaned by rubbing it with damp fingers a few times.

Quick start

Connect Topdealer to your PC using the attached USB cable and start the program 'Topdealer'. The window title should change to 'Topdealer connected'. If not, please check your cable and click 'Connect' in the lower left corner.

The main window. Determine how many different boards you want to deal. This value as well as all other settings will be saved and show up next time you start the software. screen1a

Click 'Deal' to generate the appropriate number of random deals. The deal generator has been tested with some millions of deals and the statistically expected percentage of hand types and HCPs has been proven very well. screen1b

With all preparations done, you're free to start. Topdealer is now waiting for a board to be inserted and starts dealing immediately. screen1c

If your settings did not change there are only 3 clicks to your deal: 'Start program', 'Deal', 'Start'