Topdealer is a new development from Germany - now featuring version two. The duplicating machine differs considerably from others.
  • With a weight of less than 700 grams and a pack size of just 200x130x120 mm Topdealer can be transported much more easily. Inside its bag it is barely bigger than a SLR camera.
  • The dealing machine recognizes card symbols and doesn't need bar coded cards. It can recognize 'Standard International' cards as well as German (BDKA) and French (VDR1) cards.
  • Do not use plastic cards because they produce static electricity charge and this may influence the electronic and let crash the internal computer. Do not use fabric cards. They reflect the lights unpredictable.
  • Topdealer is much quieter because of its design and the dealing time (about 7 seconds) matches the time needed by the operator.
  • You do not need a power adapter. The power comes from USB and an internal rechargeable battery. The batteries are easily exchanged and come with the lifespan of a few years.
  • You can upload a set of boards onto the machine, unplug the cable and then deal at least 200 boards without recharging, even a month later.
  • Topdealer recognizes not just cards but the board numbers as well. This is done using RFID tags glued to the bottom of a board. That's why you can insert the boards in any order. You can use boards without RFID tags as long as you deal while connected to a PC, but we don't recommend it.
  • Use the possibility to 'restore' boards messed up during the tournament: Just put the board and the cards in the machine and they will be put in the right order again.
  • Boards are inserted at desk level. No need to lift it up. That makes it easy to insert and remove boards with only one hand.
  • There is only one motor and it's brushless, leaving it with no wear and tear.
  • Unrecognised cards like Jokers will be ejected on the left side. No need to remove them prior to dealing.
  • There is no start button. In fact, there is no button or switch at all except for the reset button. As soon as the board is inserted the machine will start dealing even if it was sleeping.
  • At the moment the software supports English, German anf Norwegian.
  • If you use our scoring software Topscore (German only), the hands will show up there as well as in Bridgemates.
  • You can also export them directly to a freely selectable Bridgemate-Database.
  • Send deals to the Topdealer via Bluetooth using your Android smartphone.
Folded and packed in the bag Topdealer is easy to carry.

... which will end up like this.

It's fun to watch Topdealer at work.

These card sets are supported at the moment:
Standard International

German letters

French letters

Piatnik plastic

Some additional facts:

For example a Bridge teacher can deal all the lessons from the phone. No need to carry along a notebook. But not all phones run the app.
Deal Time per board6-7 seconds
You may increase the speed but that will
decrease reliability for some card sets. The shortest time is under 5 seconds
Dimension (folded)200x130x122 mm
Weight700 grams
Power consumptionfrom USB max 0.3A during operation or loading
Loading time is five times the dealing time
Card length87,5 to 90,5 mm
Card width56 to 58,5 mm
Card thickness0.28 to 0.32 mm
Card materialPaper (without fabric structure!)
Size of recognition window20x10 mm (Limits the use of senior cards)
Board size260 (+-1) x 103.5 (+-0.5) x 12 (+-0.2)
Board recognitionwith RFID tags
Software languageEnglish, German, Norwegian
PrintingBoard cards and hands overview, Double Dummy Analysis
Open/Save File-FormatPBN
Computerx86, built in this century
Computer OSWindows from 98b
Screenmin 800x600 (a small Netbook is sufficient!)
Operation temperature10°C bis 28°C
Computer connectionUSB cable, can be removed after uploading the hands!